Thrift Shop

SAHARA opened up one of the largest thrift shops in Cochise County to assist in our Food Bank replenishment, and events like holiday dinners for families in need. The entirety of our thrift store sales and donations go to fund our food bank, albeit organization expenses, such as rent and utilities.

We’re proud to give our customers the best possible prices on items in our thrift store and keep things affordable for our awesome community and those whom need it the most.

Thrift Store Hours: Wed-Sat ; 10:00am-4:00pm

Everything from clothing, to kitchen goods, to electronics and furniture can be acquired from our extensive store. Some examples of our purposely low prices are below, thank you for your interest in our thrift shop and we hope to see you soon!

Shirts & Tops
Pants / Jeans
Backpacks & Handbags
Children’s Clothing

DVDs + Music CDs
Bed Sheet Sets
Bed Comforters

Prices Vary

  • Please note that clients whom qualify for a Voucher can obtain emergency items from our thrift shop for free in an emergency event . Please contact us by telephone to make an appointment and brief interview.