Our Location

Our Location is across the street from Sunny D’s diner in Huachuca City – next door to the Westway lawnmower repair shop. Our food bank is housed in the building on the left, and thrift shop is the larger building on the right.

Our food bank and thrift shop address is
425 Huachuca Blvd , Huachuca City AZ 85616

If you need a food box, please park in front of the food bank on the left, and softly sound your horn for assistance. At this time we cannot let the public into the building due to the lack of a wheel chair ramp. The public IS allowed in our thrift shop, please take note to use the front door and wheel chair ramp if you are disabled.

When visiting our location , please make sure not to block the side driveway to our neighbors paint shop behind our buildings and not to park near the Westway small engine repair shop as they have drop offs with their clientele.