About Us

S.A.H.A.R.A was founded by Rick Hackney & Jredia Newton, long-term residents in the Cochise county community since the early 1980s. They have the heart and passion to serve their community & members within, and have been seen doing the same across many other cities and states during desperate times of need.

The purposes for which this non profit is organized are: Distributing humanitarian aid & supplies to individuals in need at no charge – from first responders & firefighters to the citizens within the community that find themselves in a position of needing a hand up.

And to ally with other humanitarian agency’s to do the best job we can to help ALL those in need.

It is through YOUR donations that make it possible to complete the mission each time the call comes in, or there is a knock on the door.

Common Questions and Answers:

Does SAHARA want my donations?
Yes, we can use your donations. At this time we are overwhelmed with clothing, so any non clothing items are appreciated at this time.

Does SAHARA provide assistance to Fire Victims, as well as others?
Yes, we support fire victims and their families, this is at that core of our mission.

Will SAHARA ask me for personal information, or about my finances?
No, we do not collect your personal information and only your name and number for our records.

Can SAHARA pickup my items from my home, I dont have a truck?
Yes, we can arrange to pick up donations from your home , please call 520-331-2883

Is SAHARA a 501 (c)3 and can provide me with a tax deductible receipt?
Yes, we provide you with a tax deduction if requested.

– SAHARA – 425 Huachuca Blvd , Huachuca City AZ 85616 –
(520) 331-2883 – (520) 331-3830